Which countries does Vezzarium deliver to?

Vezzarium provides WORLDWIDE delivery (excluding Russia) and we have options of delivery for FREE on orders over US$600. “Ukr Poshta” around Ukraine is FREE. DHL, EMS, Nova Poshta International for an extra charge.

How long does the DELIVERY take, and how much will it cost?

We do have free worldwide delivery. Around Ukraine, there are 1-3 working days (free). By EMS ($25). to Europe is 7-14 working days. Other destinations in the world 10-21 working days. If you wish to receive your order as fast as possible please select DHL. DHL is 3 days (US$85). UkrPoshta is 10-21 days (FREE on orders over US$600). Nova Poshta International is 3-8 working days (US$45).  In the case of world situations such as Covid-19 or WAR expect delays in delivery.

What PAYMENT METHODS does Vezzarium accept?

Vezzarium accepts PRIVATBANK for Ukrainian customers. PAYONEER online banking for foreigner customers, or by using VISA and MasterCard direct payment at online store. Our online store is connected to Fondy payment system. As an exception to your personal request, we receive money from Western Union. PayPal is not available yet.

HOW LONG does it take TO MAKE a swimming suit ?

The process of making one piece from zero to the packaging is taking 7 hours. If you like to get your swimsuit urgently you must pay the full price of the garment without a discount. On a Pre-Order basis, it takes 7-18 working days as this is the time to collect All the orders from different clients and produce them at one time together. In this case, you get -40% discount. In case of a world situation such as Covid-19 or WAR expect some delays.


a) direct to the online store www.vezzarium.com In the menu “Swimwear”, select the product you like. It will open on a new page where on the right side of the images you can see the swimsuit info. By selecting "YOUR COLORS", you can choose your color combination of the upper and lower layers and then press “OK” so your combination will appear in your order. When you are done playing with the colors, select a “SIZE” or by selecting on the "CUSTOM SIZE" button fill in your individual parameters "chest / waist / hips / height". Then "ADD TO CART". The product you have selected will light up in your “Basket” in the upper right corner of the screen. You can continue shopping by selecting “SHOP MORE” or make a final step by selecting “PAY NOW”. To complete the order or see the contents of the “Basket”, press on the basket sign in the upper right corner. When you are ready to place an order, select "PAY NOW". Follow the steps below to complete the delivery and payment method. A letter will be sent to your indicated email address - as an order notification. Make sure to fill up ALL the info in the correct way.

b) write a message at www.Instagram.com/vezzarium. Our Manager will be able to prompt you with the choice of a swimsuit style that suits your figure if you need it, advises on color matching, and answers other questions.


How can I use a PROMO CODE?

You can enter the promo code in “ADD COMMENT IF YOU WANT” box (make sure to write it exactly as it appears) before confirming the order and making the payment. Only one promo code can be used at a time. The codes will not apply to products on sale, unless otherwise specified. If you are reading this, you will be glad to know that we have a 10% discount after subscribing to Vezzarium.

Does the Vezarium RETURN or EXCHANGE product?

Thank you for shopping with Vezzarium, but No, the goods can not be returned, so Dear ladies, be attentive when choosing a product and specify your measurements and colors!

Is it possible to make a swimsuit for PREGNANT WOMEN or KIDS?

YES! Everything is possible.) For this you need to contact us via Instagram @vezzarium by writing a personal message. Our manager will contact you shortly and will be able to accept and place an order according to your individual measurements and color preferences.

What kind of FABRIC is used for manufacturing?

We use Italian and French fabrics, in which Polyester is 80%, Elastane is 20%. They dry quickly and do not fade out in the sun. Hand washing in cold water is recommended, alternatively delicate washing in a washer at a temperature of 30 degrees.

Who is WEAVING swimsuits?

Alena, the designer, hand-braided swimsuits in her spare time, in other cases this is done by specially trained people.

Where can I TRY ON a swimsuit, in which stores they are presented?

Our products are made by PRE-ORDER. You can order a swimsuit directly in online store or by writing to us in ING @vezzarium and we will complete the order within 4-8 days according to your individual preferences for the combination of colors and your personal measurements (the volume of the breast - the volume of the waist - the volume of the thighs and the height).


RESPONSIBLE SHOPPING: wait a little longer for a better product to help reduce overproduction in fashion.
 With our on-demand model, we hold off on production until you have told us what you really want and purchased it. This way, we minimize overproduction in fashion together.


THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: we launch our upcoming designs, available by pre-order at a 30% discount rate. After your payment, the product goes to production that takes 7-18 working days. THE RESULT: we produce more of what you like and less of what you don’t. No extra production is involved, just the adequate level to fit demand. The same high quality and luxury design is now available at a lower price. If you wish your order to be done 24 hours after your order, you will need to pay the original price without discount.

How can I learn about SIZE?

When you select swimwear, is opened on a new page where on the right side of the images at the info section you will see “size guide”. Just click on it to see our measurement chart. We also understand that everybody is different and is important to get it perfect fit. That’s why you have an option to specify your personal measurements by selecting “custom size” on the right from the standard size selection.

How long does the swimwear last?

Vezzarium Swimwear is ideal for a few years of summer but does not last forever. Italian and French fabrics that we use have good quality, but depending on how you take care it will have 1 or 3 years of life. We recommend hand washing at a temperature, of not more than 30 degrees.


How can I take CARE about my Vezzarium swimsuit?

Hand washing in cold water is recommended, alternatively delicate washing in a washer at a temperature of 30 degrees maximum. Please note, that we do not wash swimwear after the factory production, so it might not be as soft as it should be and have the specific original smell of textile after cutting machines that we use to cut Vezzarium patterns.


On our website you also have the opportunity to order a gift card. Gift cards valued US$199, US$299 and US$499 are available, they can be ordered and paid through the website or by sending e-mail to vezzarium@gmail.com with the subject “Gift Card”. By selecting Gift Card threw the web page you must specify the full name of the recipient, the name and surname of the sender, e-mail address or telephone number of the recipient, E-mail or sender's phone number, Select payment method. Ready! Your present is on its way to the happy owner of it.)


Vezzarium packaging is perfect if your purchase is a gift. Our boxes are artist-designed, chic, durable. For the extra US$19 each item will be perfect when you receive it. We can also add a customized card for you, just add your greetings text at the "MESSAGE" box before processing your payment. Or direct message us in ING @vezzarium chat with subject “Gift Card”


If you have more questions or any problems please contact us at vezzarium@gmail.com or ING @vezzarium Thank you for your attention! Vezzarium wishing you beautiful and sunny day!