Which countries does Vezzarium deliver to?

Vezzarium provides worldwide delivery.

How long does the delivery take, and how much will it cost?

The delivery price and timing vary according to the areas and relevant countries provided by FedEx(EU), KM express(RU) and Nova Poshta (UA).
KM express: Kiev- Mosсow (5-6 working days); Kiev - St. Petersburg ( 6-7 working days) ; Subject of calculation
Kiev-Crimea (7-10 working days); Kiev - Sochi ( 7 working days). Subject of calculation
FedEx ( 5-6 working days) . Subject of calculation
Nova Poshta (1-3 working days). Free

What payment methods does VEZZARIUM accept?

Vezzarium accepts PRIVATBANK and Payoneer card payments, Visa and MasterCard. You can't pay for the purchase with PayPal because it is not supported in Ukraine.

How long does it take to make a swimming suit?

3-5 days

How do I place an order?

Making a purchase is easy. Wherever you see a product you can shop it; simply select your size or fill the custom size, select your colors and click “add to shopping bag” Your chosen item will appear in your shopping cart on the top right of the screen; as you continue to shop or browse the site you can hover over or click on the cart to see its contents in the “Bag” section at any time. When you are ready to place your order, select “Checkout” from the “Bag” and forward the straightforward prompts to complete our checkout process.

Does the vezzarium return or exchange product?

No, the goods can not be returned, so Dear ladies, be attentive when choosing a product and specify your measurements

Is it possible to make a swimsuit for pregnant women?

Yes, it is. We can make a swimsuit, in which you will disband the bows, ties as the abdomen grows. Just send us e-mail or Telegram chat with the subject “Swimwear for pregnant”

What kind of fabric is used for manufacturing?

We use Italian and French fabrics, in which Polyester is 80%, elastane is 20%. They dry quickly and do not fade out on the sun. Hand washing in cold water is recommended, alternatively delicate washing in a washer at a temperature of 30 degrees.

Who is weaving swimsuits?

Alena, the designer, hand-braided swimsuits in her spare time, in other cases this is done by specially trained people.

Where can I try on a swimsuit, in which stores they are presented?

Our products are presented in Kiev store SiaSpace, on Koh Phangan Island store Napopo, Haad Rin beach in Cairo, Egypt store Ashto.
You can order a swimsuit by writing to us in telegrams and we will complete the order within 3-5 days according to your individual preferences for the combination of colors and your personal measurements (the volume of the breast - the volume of the waist - the volume of the thighs and the height).


On our website you also have the opportunity to order a gift card.  Gift cards valued 
$ 300 and $ 500 are available, they can be ordered and paid through the website or by e-mailing us or Telegram with the subject “Gift Card”. By selecting Gift Card threw the web page you must specify the full name of the recipient, the name and surname of the sender, e-mail address or telephone number of the recipient, E-mail or sender's phone number, Select payment method. Ready!

Do you gift wrap?

Vezzarium packaging is perfect if your purchase is a gift. Our boxes are artist-designed, chic, durable. They are free of charge and each item will be perfect when you receive it. We can also add a customized card for you, just send us a text with preferred name to our e-mail or Telegram chat with subject “Gift Card”

Do you have more questions?

If you have more questions or any problems please contact us at vezzarium@gmail.com or Telegram @vezzarium