What Is NFT


Hmmm, how to start this…. Besides being an artist, model, designer, photographer, ceramist I want to open you a secret. I am a nerd. I love to spend time with books more than with people, I love to study, to learn anything that catches my interest. And I study very precisely. This means I look for many many different sources of information to find the top facts, documents, knowledge. Then I test it. Because I don’t believe in Google. I believe in things that are really tested! Things that I felt on my skin, in my heart, in my life, in my practice. This I consider as true knowledge. I don’t believe in just words – I believe in actions afterwords. You know that the life that we live now, that we use to call “Future” – is already here. It’s 2021. Your children are now asking to buy Bitcoin. You own Gucci $12 digital sneakers that you will never wear, and an artist named Beeple sold his NFT art at Christies’s for $69 Million. And I am one of those artists that moving towards creating and selling art through NFTs. In plan is to create a 3D copy Avatar #alyalivingangel, photo/video NFT nudes, and book that you can own as NFT and as the real printed copy. I see it as a way for you to support what I am doing as an artist and become a real collector.)




This type of the “future” is called Metaverse: The future of the internet and a shared 3D virtual universe that users can exist in perpetually. The next generation of this online reality will be across many metaverses that all have different characteristics and communities.


Right now people between the ages of 18 or a bit younger to 35, who are interested in fashion, art and also like to play games. It is a broad community, everyone from millennials and Gen Z to Gen alpha lives inside the virtual world. Is safe and in there you can be anybody you dream about, you can have anything you want. You are can meet same-minded people that play same-minded games. Nobody can harm you there for real. Because virtual reality is still a virtual kind of reality. Virtually you can choose the look of your Avatar and live on paradise island, have the most amazing car or boat of your dreams. You can have your own rules and settings. You can visit other people's worlds, create your own currency, rules and countries. You can become a collector and create your own museum or art gallery. Or you can wear incredible shape and design Skins - clothing that is impossible to have in real-world on Earth. You are becoming an artist, creator of your own. You collect ingredients, that you can combine and use in virtual reality worlds and games.


These ingredients are called NFT. A non-fungible token, or a unit of unique data stored on the blockchain system that can be traded and sold. Most digital files can become NFTs. NFT give a possibility to protect your artwork from free copy/paste in the net thanx to Blockchain: The system that allows NFTs to be verified through a record of transactions across several linked computers. What makes the blockchain unique is that records cannot be altered, making it a perfect system for traceability and transparency. 



Neda Whitney, SVP and head of marketing at Christie’s, said, “NFTs prove that in spaces where digital fashion and skins are already a user behavior, the entrance of fashion brands into the conversation is a natural next step. The ability to allow users to not only buy digital items in the fashion space but to also have unique and, oftentimes, ‘1 of 1’ certificates of ownership adds a level of exclusivity that has always worked well within the fashion culture.” 


NFTs offers a unique way of experimenting with avatars, as people begin to experiment with dressing themselves and their avatars and having more experiences online. Or thanks to dressx.com project you can take photos in a real-world environment wearing a digital outfit.


To get a better understanding of what I am talking about I am suggesting you watch again a movie from 2018 “Ready player one”. I also suggest you read Russian writer Viktor Pelevin “iPhuck 10” where he described a new world of art (and not only) in the future.




One of the best platforms for selling NFT art is 




To buy digital fashion visit





To create an easy avatar go to



To purchase virtual parcels of land and build their own environments






The drive for NFTs, while great in reducing the physical impact that clothing production and waste have on the planet, is also contributing to climate change. Cryptocurrency mining to enact “proof of work” — like Ethereum, which has come under fire for using large amounts of energy through the mega computers needed to solve mathematical problems — has a detrimental impact on the planet and takes up valuable resources. These are already in short supply because of supply chain issues around the globe. 


However, more and more cryptocurrencies don’t operate on the PoW model, choosing to be more sustainable in the blockchain system by going with PoA (proof of authority, where the users have to make themselves known to the network) or PoS (proof of stake, where the person with a corresponding number of network coins verifies blocks) system instead. Many fashion brands, artists are prioritizing this when it comes to choosing partners to work on their digital collections and NFTs. 


So Ethereum 2.0 is a big step forward. I believe the reduction in energy when Ethereum flips to the proof of stake mechanism is a completely different way of validating.” According to the Digiconomist and the Ethereum creators themselves, the merge to the PoS will use at least 99.95% less energy than the current model, making minting NFTs with the cryptocurrency a real step toward a sustainable digital fashion future. 


One more interesting fact: On September 10th, Yolanda Snow, the first digital CEO of metaverse chain tour in history, was born. According to the data, she came from Vietnam, managed Yohero, a Vietnamese meta-universe game, and played the role of game CEO, leading the digital citizens of metaverse to fight bravely.

This digital person is the same as AYAYI, which was a big hit before, and is an avatar created by the engine. Just like the movie "Free Guy", human beings can communicate with code characters. Yolanda Snow will perform all the management and diplomatic affairs as the queen of Yohero Planet, which will be the first digital CEO in the metaverse world in history.

YoHero is an Axie Infinity 2.0 metaverse world where players can collect and raise fantasy creatures (YOLO), and enjoy the combination of entertainment and earning through the battles and summoning of YOLOs. YoHero metaverse has built a digital world for "earning while playing", in which the functions of monetary assets, social ways and social forms have been realized. P2E (play to earn) model aims to provide a brand-new way to realize the entertainment business on the chain for 2 billion potential people who have dropped out of employment because of the epidemic.


The World becoming just more and more Interesting. What do you think about it?  Thank you for reading.)