Swimwear with an original vision - sophisticated femininity, passion for details, love to blooming colors, most important is made with love by hands of few people.

From these components in 2015, Alena Vezza created Vezzarium team. The story began when Alena worked as a model and photographer. Fascinated by playing with mirrors, she shot unusual self-portraits, and her friends called her creative space Vezzarium. In her works, the future designer reflected on the theme of reality and self-identification. The series of works "rEvolution" was included in the book "Moving landscape: the art of Ukraine between revolution and war". In the photo, the participants of the Maidan and Alena, distorted in the mirror, among the barricades. Personal Revolution intertwined with the revolution in the country. Round convex mirror as a sign of the influence of the changed space of time and its participants. Mirror - as a symbol of reflection of time, space, events, objects, and people in each other. Since childhood, the designer has been creating things with her own hands, which have an unusual shape.

Once on a vacation in Thailand, she sewed a pair of cut and intertwined swimwear for herself, which began to attract attention on the beach. The girls came up to get acquainted and asked where to get one. This is how the Vezzarium brand was born.

Tailor-made swimwear, made by pre-order, according to personal color preferences and individual measurements. The products are durable, made with the help of new technologies of sewing craftsmanship. A quality swimsuit deserves an investment. A beautifully modeled piece has true appeal to the wearer, and its durability and versatility make the swimsuit a favorite for years to come and help keep the environment clean.



- creativity and innovation: create a unique design;

- to give an unforgettable experience - to bring happiness around the world;

- to use exclusive craftsmanship and the latest technology;

- pay careful attention to detail;

- strives for the impeccable quality of the goods and services we offer;

- be responsible and efficient.


These values ​​support us in any difficult situations and unpredictable circumstances, help us grow, innovate, and contribute to the development of the Vezzarium brand in the long term.

To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.

Winston Churchill



Vezzarium is created by the heart of the team with the aim of giving joy and a unique experience. Elegant and daring design inspired by the underwater world and nature. All product collections are dedicated to different cities of the world, and each swimsuit is dedicated to female names. Vezzarium is your personal experience in which you become a participant, creating your own special image. We give you the tools where you transform into a designer, and we embody your unique style in the form. Be warned, Vezzarium swimwear is so pretty that it gets stolen on the beach.) Children turn around to see an unusual style. And men have a reason for compliments or non-trivial reasons to get to know you.



Vezzarium is inspired by nature and life. Earth, as an eternal source of beneficial nutrients. The colors and shapes of nature are like a rest for the eyes. Healthy food, natural self-care, as the best biofuel for the body. Vibrations of sounds and music that structure our body and cells in a magical dance of pleasure from being. Art is a means of displaying the attitude of different centuries and peoples. Eastern science about qigong, tai chi, yoga, and meditation as practices for gaining the inner state of "observer in the center of the cyclone." The Vezzarium logo is an open eye directed upwards. A symbol that holistically represents the idea of ​​awakening and the culture of Vezzarium.




Without labor, gold, silver, and copper would be a useless waste.

Mahatma Gandhi


• from 240 to 4500 STITCHES;

• 2 LAYERS of fabric;

• FROM 10 to 25 STEPS calculate the process of production, from the development of the design to complete finishing and packaging;

• from 6 to 21 HOURS OF WORK on one model, from the creation of the pattern to the final copy;

• over 1000 swimsuits are HAND-BRAIDED and shipped worldwide;

• about 50 COLORS and shades to create a unique look; • from 30 to 100 meters of machine cut to create fabric TEXTURE;

• 121 grams - average WEIGHT of a swimsuit.



- we follow the innovations in the production of fabric. We use the best materials;

- we store the remnants of the fabric, carefully arranging it by color, leaving it for further ideas;

- We provide mindful packaging - a waterproof pouch for storing your swimsuit and a beautiful designer box that you can use to store other items;

- we do not produce labels that people usually cut off. The only identification is a unique style and the only logo is the inscription on the waterproof bag, which is the packaging. Instead of a label, you will see a postcard with care instructions;

- we are not engaged in overproduction and storage of large runoff. Each product finds its owner. We position ourselves as an exclusive and environmentally friendly brand, made with love by few people in Ukraine. The preservation of the environment is an important necessity and condition for further progress. Going out to the beach in a Vezzarium bathing suit, you rarely meet a girl in the same. You will always feel especially, unique. Vezzarium is awareness, harmony, and miracles.



We don't have an office. We use a completely new method of the hobby- project management. The Vezzarium team works remotely - virtually. Our team consists of responsible professionals. We like the approach - create outside the office, in our own comfortable space and time. We carry out our functions and responsibilities in a timely manner and efficiently. All Vezzarium creatives have the opportunity to create with other brands. This allows us to exchange experiences and generate new ideas. We do not stand still but are constantly moving, improving. We are all very different ages. And this is very cool. Each of us shares our unique knowledge and experience, which we combine in Vezzarium. May Om Shanti come with all! We thank you for your attention! Vezzarium - any day, any way - unique. Made with Love in Ukraine.