White, pink, golden beaches ...
Dark blue, turquoise crystal clear waters ...
Ultraviolet, red, yellow, orange - the endless palette of the sky ...
The wind blends with the sounds of the birds of paradise ...
Underwater world, where, holding the breath, time seems to slow down its course ...

Refreshing and unforgettable.

We are Vezzarium.
Inspired by the underwater world. By using two layers of high quality fabric we are twisting it into unique swimsuit shapes. By providing possibility of selecting colors our customers get customized design of a kind.

Share the spirit of summer with girls from all over the world.

To make every girl feel amazing on the beach.

Give the best experience from Vezzarium.
The world does not need more swimsuits, it needs better ones. We are positive, supportive and passionate.

Your purchase will be delivered in a beautiful package, worthy of reuse. We are nature friendly.

Vezzarium, inspired by the seas and oceans.

Founded in 2015 by Alena Vezza.